Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I {Wish I} Wore Wednesday: Vacation Dreams

Happy Wednesday, my dears!  I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day--I'm still in a bit of a truffle induced coma, but it's actually quite a nice place to be, so I'm not complaining!  With all the cute Spring clothes coming out, it's hard not to daydream about those mid-year vacations!  And I'm so jealous of my friends that seem to be taking them now--one of them just left for the Maldives!!  So, since HH and I have absolutely, zero plans for a warm and sandy holiday any time soon, I thought I could at least create a couple of vacation dream outfits!

Cover-up/Bikini/Sunglasses/Hair Ties/Water Bottle/Sandals/Beach Bag

Clutch/Maxi Dress/Lip Gloss/Mascara/Bangles/Sandals

I just love that feeling of being on vacation and knowing that all you need to put on for dinner is a pretty sundress, swipe of mascara, and a bit of lip gloss--heaven!  Any of you lovelies have vacations planned?  Any favourite destinations that you keep going back to?  I'm dreaming of Mexico, but there are so many other gorgeous, beach destinations--what are your favourites!?

Happy Day-Dreaming!

Jillian Nicole


  1. that bikini is GORGEOUS!! I'm thinking I want to try a high-waisted 'kini this year :)

  2. I'm with you -- meet you at The Office for lunch!

  3. Oh that turquoise maxi dress is so gorgeous! I dream of wearing it on the beach while watching the sunset too. What a dream that would be! :)

  4. No warm weather vacay for me either, but I LOVE the dream outfits! x sarah

  5. Ugh, that bathing suit?! TOTALLY in love! Now you've got me dreaming of warmer weather! :)


  6. That green coverup/dress is adorable!

  7. i WISH i could pull off that bsuit. because it is FABULOUS.

    and the coverup? don't get me started.

    and now i am obsessed with your blog.


  8. Both of these outfits are so gorgeous. I think that bright green dress is my fav. And I wcouldnt mind having that Cake bag either. :)

    Loving your blog, you have a new follower :)